Friday, August 20, 2010

SMC Plus

Build Info.

Axle mounting Blocks and the stock screws from your Micro Crawler are need to mount

these blocks to the axle


Mount as shown make sure the angled lower holes are in the right direction angleing up toward the Center of the Chassis and tranny see picture below repeat on second axle


Cut out the Hanger Brackets using an exacto knife or something similar

and trim the small bur with the exacto knife or something similar


Take to of the shackles make sure you get one with larger holes and put it on

the out side of the chassis and one with smaller holes on the inside and use

a 6mm screw to fasten them you will need to debur the spring before installing

Using an exacto knife or something similar then mount the spring

to the chassis make sure not to over tighten or you will strip the inside shackle

and they will not rotate freely if they are to tight.


Mount the spring as shown below and again do not over tighten.


Mount the rear shock plates as shown below again

larger holed bracket on the outside smaller holed on

the inside tighten snug but again dont over tighten.



Mount spring as shown below again do not over



Mount the rear spring the same way as above see pic below for

reference on direction and placement of rear spring and

mount the other side of the chassis  as shown in the previous instructions.


Take the 1”x1” foam tape and place it on the top of the front axle then place the servo on

top of the foam tape as shown below.



Then you will place the stock chassis braces from your micro in similar positions below in the

original SMC chassis kit.